Brands Hatch Winter Stages 2016 – Part 2

Yes there is a part 2.
…And bad news out of the 18 pictures I have to choose from for this update 12 of them are Escorts.

 photo dsc08317_zpsrfqjbenf.jpg

 photo dsc08096_zpsohrp9u2x.jpg

To break up the Escortness here is an Escort of the 90’s. The Nova! Although this one seems to be missing the factory 4″ exhaust.

 photo dsc08005_zpsrjsknd5g.jpg

 photo dsc08023_zpsc5z0lezi.jpg

And here is what is apparently an Escort… under-steering?

 photo dsc07968_zpssskyuxhd.jpg

And a BMW very definitely not. On the drying track these looked quite terrifying as they simply could get not traction. Having seen a Mk3 Fiesta bin it there last year it is not a place you want to go off!

 photo dsc07873_zpsfywstkqz.jpg

Whereas the Escorts were sideways but also hooked up enough to get away from the corner.

 photo dsc07867_zpstb3qy9qm.jpg

 photo dsc08452_zpsdatgtblh.jpg

 photo dsc08000_zps51w5frdh.jpg

 photo dsc08379_zpsjfzsoocr.jpg

 photo dsc08131_zpsl4quwd2q.jpg

I always forget the Talbot’s are rear wheel drive and never understand why these didn’t make it into short oval and the Starlet didn’t make it into rallying.

 photo dsc07909_zps8srh5sfd.jpg

With 2 stages to go the light is Starting to go but it’s still hot enough to need the door open before going out even in February.

 photo dsc08463_zpslkc03ic3.jpg