Firle 2016

Well the first post in a while is the Firle hill climb revival run by the Bo Peep Drivers Club ( in aid of the Chailey Heritage Foundation. Being the weekend after Goodwood (update to come when I can find time to review the 1-2k photos) it is a really nice ‘after party’ while trying to get used to a world where most people don’t wear hats.

 photo dsc02171_zps0y3yoccb.jpg

There is no timing (part of the consent to close the road) which makes for a really relaxed atmosphere as there is no competition and people can go at their own pace. Even though some can’t quite resist sneaking a peek at the time;

 photo dsc02037_zpspm206ltv.jpg

For some of the older cars I got the impression getting up the hill was only second in challenge to getting back down.

 photo dsc01998_zpsmwbsfqry.jpg

Being such a narrow and tight road there is no hope of anyone breaking the speed limit, and that is not the point, but it does mean that the drivers can have some fun with the knowledge that the speed is low enough that they will come to no harm.

 photo dsc02034_zpsap0qsg2w.jpg

 photo dsc02019_zpsrjiddpeb.jpg

Even a 900hp Merlin engine from a Hurricane won’t give a car enough go (note the tyre smoke) but it will prove a challenge to stop.

 photo dsc01987_zpsjmy6dsyo.jpg

There is a lot of family involvement as, provided they are insured, they can drive the car which is unusual for motorsport events.

 photo dsc02135_zpsbshwntn7.jpg

 photo dsc02141_zpsq7vprxcq.jpg

 photo dsc02096_zpslsbcs0xp.jpg

 photo dsc02064_zps84hsl06j.jpg

O look an Escort, how did that get in there…?

 photo dsc02039_zpssq3jc6zy.jpg

Some people dressed up…
 photo dsc02107_zpsaew0oksy.jpg

…and some cars are so big you can’t even see the occupants!

 photo dsc02068_zpsallbrf7e.jpg

I finish with the best pic I have deliberately (most are happenstance and good luck) taken in a while.

 photo dsc02120_zpst6utrh0j.jpg