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Brighton Toy Museum

I thought I should try and get a post in that didn’t mention Goodwoo… …O.

I was asked to take photos at a private event at Brighton Toy and Model Museum a few weeks ago. If you’ve not been there before they have huge layout of predominantly pre & post war ‘toy’ trains. They run it for the pubic on set days but, understandably, there are plastic screens to protect the exhibits. On a few occasions a year they take down the screens and run everything.

 photo dsc03095_zpshe5ombrr.jpg

The trains stand about 5″ tall and are mostly metal giving them real presence.

 photo dsc03014_zpszxa4wfer.jpg

Being a toy museum as much attention is paid to the ‘extra’ details as the trains. There are also lots of vintage arcade machines and all manor of toys.

 photo dsc06502_zpsfd1d2e54.jpg

 photo dsc02992_zps1pq38o7w.jpg

But the stars are without doubt the big trains which pull 10 coach trains around with apparent ease.

 photo dsc03027_zpszlfvaolc.jpg

It’s right in the centre of Brighton, under the station. Go and visit it

Shoreham Airshow 2014

Bit late but finally I have uploaded pictures from the air show. I have erred in leaving it so long… I can’t remember what the pictures depict. Bruce Dickinson is in there somewhere as are lots WW2 veterans.

 photo dsc08365_zps2bcb1ba8.jpg

PR Spitfire. Fastest and the best, in my opinion, of the breed. No guns just a camera to save on wieght.

 photo dsc07902_zps39681dc1.jpg

Collection of Tiger Moths flying in pleasingly symmetrical formation.

 photo dsc08660_zps1e1186ff.jpg

Breitling wing walkers put on a great display as always. The only issue for the photographer being the smoke hanging in the air giving them a hazy look.

 photo dsc08667_zpse6ad389b.jpg

 photo dsc08379_zps4adb0deb.jpg

Douglas Skytrain takes off near the end of the show as part of the D-Day display. The invasion stripes contrast nicely with the dark green of the fuselage

 photo dsc08281_zps9e7eb67b.jpg

Spitfire Pilot focusing hard.

 photo dsc08733_zps7ef9e068.jpg

 photo dsc08121_zpsb1edb228.jpg

 photo dsc08636_zps8acfbdbe.jpg

 photo dsc08563_zpsef7d6e23.jpg

Ever present but always pleasing war birds. Great machines but sobering to think their original purpose was not for display.

 photo dsc07817_zps50761c02.jpg

 photo dsc08527_zpscdca7547.jpg

Plumpton Classic Car Show

No posts on here for a while. A wet Monday provides the perfect excuse… that and I should be wiring! On Sunday 24th August I went to a new car show in it’s second year organised by a member. Taking place in the grounds of Plumpton College attendance suffered because of the clash with wings ad wheels but some interesting cars turned up. I hope that they don’t get put off and run again next year but with a date that doesn’t clash with such a big event.

This car will feature throughout. I will say no more than that it’s the car I drew every time I had paper from age 5 to 15. Want!

 photo 3bbfb3bb-7273-445d-9759-25d2c9c82cc2_zpsd440be45.jpg

Fords were probably most heavily represented, but there was a wide mix;

 photo dsc07766_zps27351521.jpg

Mini’s were next in quantity. This rather nice monti replica caught my eye;

 photo dsc07750_zpsee4d3c31.jpg

 photo dsc07736_zps34ed55e1.jpg

 photo dsc07735_zps5de03a8d.jpg

 photo dsc07781_zpsfe6ca600.jpg

 photo dsc07752_zps79cf83b8.jpg

I hadn’t seen one of these in years. An Opel Manta. There was a rotten one around where I grew up but nothing like as clean as this one.

 photo dsc07765_zps32fb4743.jpg

And in with all these modern cars there was a genuine WW2 service vehicle. A doctors car from Yorkshire still with all it’s paperwork and a really nice car.

 photo dsc07762_zpsb3a5a375.jpg

And my trusty pop that got me there and scared life out of me by having total black out on way home.

 photo dsc07770_zpsd9ad43cf.jpg

 photo dsc07777_zpsbb121655.jpg

War and Peace show 2012

This was the last year the show branded as the largest of it’s kind was hosted at the Hop Farm in Kent as from 2013 it moved home. Militaria from all over the world was represented from modern day through history but there was an undeniable WW2 bias. Probably the only place you can see Sgt Oddball (imdb – Kelly’s Heros) still charging around in a tank – not least because Donald Sutherland is far to sensible for that sort of thing now.

 photo dsc08121_zps642b0e9d.jpg

 photo dsc08169_zps19205999.jpg

 photo dsc08119_zps2fa43359.jpg

 photo dsc08181_zps09e48e62.jpg

 photo dsc08115_zps172b20f7.jpg

 photo dsc08226_zps7db13304.jpg

 photo dsc08175_zps10f82220.jpg

A great day not least because I resisted buying a Stolly that was for sale… no diffs, can’t use it on the road but can swim. Given the weather this week perhaps I should have bought it!