PGM Open Day 2014

On the 27th April Partridge Green Motorsport held its first annual open day where customers were invited to come along and show off their cars as well as having the opportunity to weigh them.

 photo dsc06847_zps7fbe77b5.jpg

Above: The first cars take their place in the queue to be weighed. There was a steady stream of cars throughout the day coming and going despite the weather.

 photo dsc06872_zps6d60ed31.jpg

Above: Line up of some of the cars which attended during the day.
Below: Some of the cars of the braver owners who turned up during a particularly heavy down pour.

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As well as PGM’s own staff a number of suppliers to the Caterham market were also in attendance offering advice throughout the day.

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 photo dsc06903_zps5e6e0b39.jpg

Soft Bits For 7’s even got the power tools out with a bit of help from PGM’s Colin Jupp

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 photo dsc06922_zps9694f8d7.jpg

The main focus of the day was the weigh in where the drivers and cars were put on the scales to see who could get the lightest and best balanced car. Below Andy (the Boss) talks to a customer while Becky does the hard work of taking down all the numbers;

 photo dsc06861_zpsb9e9ea5d.jpg

Tea, coffee, and cake were supplied while people took the chance to catch up inside out of the rain;

 photo dsc06946_zpsf19bf105.jpg

Becky in discussion with a customer while, below, Andy checks on progress;

 photo dsc06909_zps6b91dbc5.jpg

 photo dsc06889_zpsca9ee816.jpg

Other cars attended as well and were also weighed in;

 photo dsc06988_zpsb4c02647.jpg

 photo dsc06995_zps869f83c7.jpg

Generally a good day was had with everyone pitching in and catching up with friends as well as exchanging ideas for the future

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BTCC season opener at Brands 2014

A good first round was had by the BTCC grid at the beginning of April. The racing was a bit tentative to start with but soon got up to speed. Jason Plato was particularly impressive coming through the field in race 2. The Yuasa Honda’s seem to have gone from a quick car to a not so quick car as they were unable to catch Andrew Jordon in last years car.

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