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Brands Hatch Winter Stages 2016 – Part 2

Yes there is a part 2.
…And bad news out of the 18 pictures I have to choose from for this update 12 of them are Escorts.

 photo dsc08317_zpsrfqjbenf.jpg

 photo dsc08096_zpsohrp9u2x.jpg

To break up the Escortness here is an Escort of the 90’s. The Nova! Although this one seems to be missing the factory 4″ exhaust.

 photo dsc08005_zpsrjsknd5g.jpg

 photo dsc08023_zpsc5z0lezi.jpg

And here is what is apparently an Escort… under-steering?

 photo dsc07968_zpssskyuxhd.jpg

And a BMW very definitely not. On the drying track these looked quite terrifying as they simply could get not traction. Having seen a Mk3 Fiesta bin it there last year it is not a place you want to go off!

 photo dsc07873_zpsfywstkqz.jpg

Whereas the Escorts were sideways but also hooked up enough to get away from the corner.

 photo dsc07867_zpstb3qy9qm.jpg

 photo dsc08452_zpsdatgtblh.jpg

 photo dsc08000_zps51w5frdh.jpg

 photo dsc08379_zpsjfzsoocr.jpg

 photo dsc08131_zpsl4quwd2q.jpg

I always forget the Talbot’s are rear wheel drive and never understand why these didn’t make it into short oval and the Starlet didn’t make it into rallying.

 photo dsc07909_zps8srh5sfd.jpg

With 2 stages to go the light is Starting to go but it’s still hot enough to need the door open before going out even in February.

 photo dsc08463_zpslkc03ic3.jpg

Brands Hatch Winter Stages 2016 – Part 1

Today was the MGJ Engineering Brands Hatch Winter Stages rally (website here http://brandshatchstages.co.uk/) which is in the same championship as the South Downs Stages I photographed last year. I am happy to say the pictures from today were much better than then. So this is the first update, I’ve even written part one in the title so there has to be a part 2!

 photo dsc08061_zpsydxa491c.jpg

Starting off with something isn’t an Escort – this is me, and it is rallying, so, there will be lots – this 205 goes around Druids the wrong way.

 photo dsc08419_zpsrjvac6gm.jpg

And here they come, the Escorts.

 photo dsc08137_zpssdw61mu4.jpg

Great to see a Mk1 throwing mud (this is a tarmac rally…) and making lots of noise in the process.

 photo dsc08121_zps90fhs9we.jpg

If you like these make sure to go to the South Downs Rally at Goodwood on the 13th Feb 2016. Details here http://www.southdownsstages.co.uk/

 photo dsc08009_zpssr0zitpr.jpg


 photo dsc08058_zpsvltfjys5.jpg

Fiesta coming out of Druids bend. The great thing about running the wrong way is that gives different views as a photographer.

 photo dsc08060_zpshmewwp6n.jpg

And you don’t get much more different than a rallying Ferrari, of which there were three.

 photo dsc07980_zpswpsdkvcj.jpg

Of course it doesn’t always go to plan and a number of competitors got it a little wrong although fortunately none came to any real harm near me.

 photo dsc07997_zps73zvctdt.jpg

Errr, track limits?

 photo dsc08376_zps2skfawm4.jpg

Tim Mewett span on the rally schoold stage and had a new co-driver from last year. Where he also span right in front of me  photo dsc01143_zps3gmsljeo.jpg Sorry!

 photo dsc07985_zpsgctv1hbd.jpg

The sure footed Talberts were there as ever as well as some more modern machines.

 photo dsc07924_zpskdeawkqj.jpg

Like this Subaru


 photo dsc08208_zps3yyhtvm3.jpg

 photo dsc08121_zps90fhs9we.jpg

 photo dsc08386_zpsja6sebgn.jpg

 photo dsc07989_zps8gi2i2rp.jpg

 photo dsc08461_zpskiwhaosd.jpg