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Shoreham Airshow 2014

Bit late but finally I have uploaded pictures from the air show. I have erred in leaving it so long… I can’t remember what the pictures depict. Bruce Dickinson is in there somewhere as are lots WW2 veterans.

 photo dsc08365_zps2bcb1ba8.jpg

PR Spitfire. Fastest and the best, in my opinion, of the breed. No guns just a camera to save on wieght.

 photo dsc07902_zps39681dc1.jpg

Collection of Tiger Moths flying in pleasingly symmetrical formation.

 photo dsc08660_zps1e1186ff.jpg

Breitling wing walkers put on a great display as always. The only issue for the photographer being the smoke hanging in the air giving them a hazy look.

 photo dsc08667_zpse6ad389b.jpg

 photo dsc08379_zps4adb0deb.jpg

Douglas Skytrain takes off near the end of the show as part of the D-Day display. The invasion stripes contrast nicely with the dark green of the fuselage

 photo dsc08281_zps9e7eb67b.jpg

Spitfire Pilot focusing hard.

 photo dsc08733_zps7ef9e068.jpg

 photo dsc08121_zpsb1edb228.jpg

 photo dsc08636_zps8acfbdbe.jpg

 photo dsc08563_zpsef7d6e23.jpg

Ever present but always pleasing war birds. Great machines but sobering to think their original purpose was not for display.

 photo dsc07817_zps50761c02.jpg

 photo dsc08527_zpscdca7547.jpg