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Last Night of Hot Rods at Plough Lane?

Well a couple of weekends ago I went to Wimbledon, possibly for the last time. I have been going there since before I was 10. I took mates there as a fist night out after I passed my driving test. I did the 3hr trip back for Best in Britain when i was at University and occasional other meetings as ‘research’. And it looks like this June the stadium will be pulled down to make way for flats and yet another football stadium. The last competitive motor sport venue inside the M25 – gone.


 photo dsc08845_zpsnc9xhtij.jpg

It still pulls in a decent crowd considering it is a Sunday night in February so not what anyone would call warm.

 photo dsc08683_zpsu4prcyam.jpg

 photo dsc08787_zps4qbjfq1n.jpg

 photo dsc08678_zpssqo6xjl4.jpg

To my regret I have never been able to photograph Wimbledon such that it is recorded the way I see it, this was my best, and most probably last, attempt.

 photo dsc08936_zpswqejpkwh.jpg

Look down and it is racing but look up and you can see flats and aircraft approaching Heathrow. It is the strangest experience to know that you are in the heart of South London.

 photo dsc08893_zpsfkejs988.jpg

 photo dsc08599_zps9z5cscja.jpg

 photo dsc08672_zps1wchfvei.jpg

 photo dsc08795_zpsgnkevyn4.jpg

 photo dsc08678_zpssqo6xjl4.jpg

 photo dsc08861_zpsgg7h7x3c.jpg

 photo dsc08757_zpserbucgeu.jpg

Racing wasn’t televised in ‘my’ era so here is a video of Polley & Lee racing at Wimbledon, both of whom were there for this last night along with Mick Collard and his assistant Rob (Driving the car above).

Shoreham Airshow 2014

Bit late but finally I have uploaded pictures from the air show. I have erred in leaving it so long… I can’t remember what the pictures depict. Bruce Dickinson is in there somewhere as are lots WW2 veterans.

 photo dsc08365_zps2bcb1ba8.jpg

PR Spitfire. Fastest and the best, in my opinion, of the breed. No guns just a camera to save on wieght.

 photo dsc07902_zps39681dc1.jpg

Collection of Tiger Moths flying in pleasingly symmetrical formation.

 photo dsc08660_zps1e1186ff.jpg

Breitling wing walkers put on a great display as always. The only issue for the photographer being the smoke hanging in the air giving them a hazy look.

 photo dsc08667_zpse6ad389b.jpg

 photo dsc08379_zps4adb0deb.jpg

Douglas Skytrain takes off near the end of the show as part of the D-Day display. The invasion stripes contrast nicely with the dark green of the fuselage

 photo dsc08281_zps9e7eb67b.jpg

Spitfire Pilot focusing hard.

 photo dsc08733_zps7ef9e068.jpg

 photo dsc08121_zpsb1edb228.jpg

 photo dsc08636_zps8acfbdbe.jpg

 photo dsc08563_zpsef7d6e23.jpg

Ever present but always pleasing war birds. Great machines but sobering to think their original purpose was not for display.

 photo dsc07817_zps50761c02.jpg

 photo dsc08527_zpscdca7547.jpg

Goodwood Revival 2014

Having taken a lot of pictures on Friday at the revival I intend to put up an update for each class but for now I thought I would put up a few of my favorites from a first pass of those taken. My programme has been ‘borrowed’ so I will have to be light on detail for now.

Unlike last year (pictures here)  the weather was great so I got lots of interesting (to me at least) pictures. I forget each year that you just can’t get around in a day and so missed most of the infield this time around… next year!

 photo dsc09076_zpse402c4c4.jpg

I think one of the appeals of the event is that you can see the drivers working the cars. From a race engineers point of view the chassis flex of the car above is terrible but seeing the driver fight the short comings is the spectacle.

 photo dsc09668edit_zpsb70270b1.jpg

Alonso, I have found your issue. Get the team to paint your wheels blue… and maybe fit a flat 12 engine.

 photo dsc09736_zpsed2a3e16.jpg

The cars are used and sadly accidents happen but I would rather this than never hear the sound or see the site of these cars sliding through the kink.

 photo dsc09366_zps174ad4e7.jpg

Some drivers have so much spare capacity they are checking their mirror… coming into the 100mph Madgwick. Larger below;

 photo dsc09366-copy_zps8c79540a.jpg

 photo dsc09472_zps7a7bd3d6.jpg

 photo dsc09862_zps6b4a8601.jpg

 photo dsc09563_zpsb5bc34b9.jpg

And finally you go outside to a field which on an normal day would be the best car show in the world but on revival day is just a car park

 photo dsc00124_zpsf902237c.jpg