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Motorsport at the Palace 2014

Ahead of the 2015 Motorsport at the Palace I went back to look at my pictures from last year and realised I never put them up. Here is a small selection that might encorage you into going this weekend.


 photo dsc07351_zpstrmkezuk.jpg

There is a god mix of modern and classic cars although my camera last year seemed only to find the classics.

 photo dsc07403_zpsa5ov09lk.jpg

With some of the classes the cars spend longer on the start line than they do on the course. You can see a lot of the drivers getting more tense the closer they get to the start.

 photo dsc07022_zpskjzzwtge.jpg

Before charging up the hill.

 photo dsc07100_zpsi56kjfix.jpg

With such a short amount of time on track for each run there is plenty of time to catch up before going out another run.

 photo dsc07398_zps6b9dnwbr.jpg

 photo dsc07240_zps9fjssv0o.jpg

 photo dsc07520_zpsyezu7apk.jpg

 photo dsc07492_zpsg33kexpd.jpg

 photo dsc07415_zpsye1evupf.jpg

2014 celebrated this race which has been watched many times even 40 plus years after the track last held a race.

 photo dsc07590_zpsv7686rbe.jpg

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Motorsport at the Palace 2013 – Monday

With dates now scheduled for 2014 (25th & 26th May) this will be the 5th consecutive year of this event run in the grounds of the old Crystal Palace. The show is put on by Sevenoaks & District Motor Club with a lot of hard work to turn this piece of south London parkland back into a motor sport venue it was back at the end of the 1960’s. They also have a number of sponsors but of course the marciels and the park grounds keepers should also be noted for their hard work.

 photo dsc01805_zps0bd4e573.jpg

The cars are parked among the trees between runs creating a peaceful paradox to the track just the other side of the bushes.

 photo dsc01983_zpsb2c3e6c6.jpg
 photo dsc01892_zpse065f195.jpg

Unlike a lot of events there is a mix from the very earliest cars though to pre-production models. I remember seeing a prototype Lotus spinning into the hay bails a few years ago at this event.

 photo dsc01801_zps4934761e.jpg

Although they don’t get a run up the hill bikes do get demonstrated within the show.

 photo dsc01658_zpsbc51f189.jpg

 photo dsc01817_zps6084d383.jpg

 photo dsc01926_zps52c655a4.jpg

 photo dsc01989_zps2596336d.jpg

 photo dsc01851_zpsc841dafa.jpg

 photo dsc01853_zpsebaddb7b.jpg

 photo dsc01946_zps55184ae1.jpg

And finally, no matter how expensive the car or the venue, one must never underestimate the importance of gaffa tape…

 photo dsc01655_zps483a808e.jpg