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Firle 2016

Well the first post in a while is the Firle hill climb revival run by the Bo Peep Drivers Club (http://www.bopeepdriversclub.com/) in aid of the Chailey Heritage Foundation. Being the weekend after Goodwood (update to come when I can find time to review the 1-2k photos) it is a really nice ‘after party’ while trying to get used to a world where most people don’t wear hats.

 photo dsc02171_zps0y3yoccb.jpg

There is no timing (part of the consent to close the road) which makes for a really relaxed atmosphere as there is no competition and people can go at their own pace. Even though some can’t quite resist sneaking a peek at the time;

 photo dsc02037_zpspm206ltv.jpg

For some of the older cars I got the impression getting up the hill was only second in challenge to getting back down.

 photo dsc01998_zpsmwbsfqry.jpg

Being such a narrow and tight road there is no hope of anyone breaking the speed limit, and that is not the point, but it does mean that the drivers can have some fun with the knowledge that the speed is low enough that they will come to no harm.

 photo dsc02034_zpsap0qsg2w.jpg

 photo dsc02019_zpsrjiddpeb.jpg

Even a 900hp Merlin engine from a Hurricane won’t give a car enough go (note the tyre smoke) but it will prove a challenge to stop.

 photo dsc01987_zpsjmy6dsyo.jpg

There is a lot of family involvement as, provided they are insured, they can drive the car which is unusual for motorsport events.

 photo dsc02135_zpsbshwntn7.jpg

 photo dsc02141_zpsq7vprxcq.jpg

 photo dsc02096_zpslsbcs0xp.jpg

 photo dsc02064_zps84hsl06j.jpg

O look an Escort, how did that get in there…?

 photo dsc02039_zpssq3jc6zy.jpg

Some people dressed up…
 photo dsc02107_zpsaew0oksy.jpg

…and some cars are so big you can’t even see the occupants!

 photo dsc02068_zpsallbrf7e.jpg

I finish with the best pic I have deliberately (most are happenstance and good luck) taken in a while.

 photo dsc02120_zpst6utrh0j.jpg

Firle Hill Climb Revival 2015

First post in ages and it’s of a first time event. Well first time since 1964. I’ve called it a hill climb because they have, in reality it is a regularity trial up this hill. 3 passes and the one with the closest matched times wins. It wasn’t about winning as you will see from the number of smiles, it was mostly about fun, and raising money for the Chailey Heritage Foundation.

From the bottom in the trees just off the A27.
 photo dsc05399_zpsdphm5ql3.jpg

The course climbs up the hill.
 photo dsc05438_zpsd2kmjmdm.jpg

Untill it comes out above the tree line.
 photo dsc05737_zpsysaqoqds.jpg

Where you can look at this view between cars.
 photo dsc05536_zpsnulokvkd.jpg

 photo dsc05339_zps5tq97amb.jpg
Because it is not a flat out event there was the chance for friends and family to ride up in the cars. Some with looks of terror and others clearly looking forward to it.

 photo dsc05453_zpslwsvjdhe.jpg
Ever since reading this artical when I actually looked at the car for a bit I’ve developed a soft spot for the Dino.

But in case anyone thinks I’m crossing sides here is a ford;
 photo dsc05366_zpsgbdyfdv9.jpg
Other than the fact the black has a carbon look to it this is exactly how I’d have ‘my’ Escort. 13″ wheels, bubble arches and basic. The only difference is this one is powered by Swindon.

 photo dsc05343_zpslansbwer.jpg
Now I have no idea which cars were ‘real’ and which were copies but I would say that all the cars were really nice and there were no ‘kit cars’. The above looked perfect sat in the sun and I would have paid the genuine millions for it.

 photo dsc05725_zpsqhiusceb.jpg
Some people enjoyed showing their cars off while going up the hill as can be seen here where the passenger is waving. Incidentally, where there are passengers they often wave to me when I’m taking pictures. I want to wave back but somehow having the camera between me and them slows the brain to the point that they have gone before I can; so consider this a wave back!

 photo dsc05586_zps6pbn6zbo.jpg
And some were really trying just because they could.

 photo dsc05614_zpsb7d0wwuf.jpg
I have to agree with this guy that a helmet is best. Even though for a photographer being able to see peoples’ faces is great I’d rather they were protected if they are going to make use of the fact there is no chance of someone coming the other way.

 photo dsc05543_zpsg0hgab2m.jpg
Although I don’t think I’ve ever seen a passenger as relaxed as this one! I have several photos and she just seems totally at ease while the driver forces the car through the turn (look at the angle of the front wheel).

 photo dsc05529_zpsnifstecq.jpg
It wasn’t all 50’s & 60’s either. This car is from 190-something and wasn’t exactly slow! Around 2.5L 4 Cylinder with over-square bore.

 photo dsc05634_zpsgygph3d9.jpg

 photo dsc05705_zpsnvqnbht5.jpg

 photo dsc05515_zpsiqhpe6zh.jpg

 photo dsc05651_zpsqsu2gom8.jpg

<img src="http://i853.photobucket.com/albums/ab99/Garagesta_Photographic/Firle%20Hill%20Climb%20Revival%202015/dsc05665_zpslahfvwie.jpg"

 photo dsc05520_zpskxjrawpu.jpgalt=” photo dsc05665_zpslahfvwie.jpg” border=”0″ />