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Bluebell Winter 2014

Some more train pictures before I do another car update. These are all taken at the Bluebell within the last couple of months. I have been going to the Bluebell for as long as I can remember which makes photographing it quite hard. Consequently the pictures I get tend to be experimental but lead to ones like those from my Severn Valley update.

 photo dsc00734_zps6548acc0.jpg

Platform staff get ready for the last train. This is taken through the bridge which gives rise to the dark edges encroaching into the picture.

 photo dsc00835_zpsdb724e26.jpg

Early afternoon train draws into Sheffield Park.

 photo dsc00801_zps53a89a0c.jpg

Steam heat on but it’s still cold out.

 photo dsc00710_zpsc3e7885d.jpg

Taking on water before going on shed.

 photo dsc00667_zps7669b3a1.jpg

Birch Grove drops it’s fire. This was taken with a tripod but recent outings have highlighted I really need a remote shutter release… one day.


In mid October I visited the Bluebell Railway in Sussex. After problems with engine availability it is good to see they seem to be finding their feet again. With the extension open efforts are being focused on re-grouping.

 photo dsc00138_zpsa52d98b4.jpg

With the sun quite wintry and seemingly in the wrong place all weekend it lead to some interesting effects.

 photo dsc00151_zpsd1a3054a.jpg

It did give a very washed out effect to the sky however, I managed to get this as the fireman looked for the right away.

 photo dsc00172_zps59331c25.jpg

The first time I used a prime lens here means I finally had the shutter speed to capture atmosphere of the shed. I hope to try this out some more. Captain Baxter awaiting it’s next turn of duty.

 photo dsc00140_zpsfcbe9ec9.jpg

Training the next generation.

 photo dsc00185_zpsa7789ebf.jpg

 photo dsc00145_zpsbfdb89cd.jpg

 photo dsc00179_zps3b944670.jpg