Speed Trials ’14

Quick update of pictures from the speed trial earlier this year. Always really hard to photograph because you are against the light but I got a few reasonable ones. Good to see it back after the petition earlier this year.

First off I can’t decide if I like this picture or hate it, you decide.

 photo dsc08814_zpsfb0b5598.jpg

It’s too busy, but then Brighton is too busy.

And a more conventional shot of the Ford Fairlane on the return pass.

 photo dsc08831_zpsafe928e1.jpg

 photo dsc09045_zpsd06f02b1.jpg

The bikes really upped their game this year, or it could be that there were fewer quick cars.

 photo dsc09029_zpsaad11977.jpg

In previous years I remember the fastest shoot out being close between 2 wheels and 4 but this time the bikes had it hands down. Fastest over the line was, I think 167mph.

 photo dsc08918_zpsd2690fe3.jpg

As ever there was a good mix of speed machines and classics, or even classic speed machines! I couldn’t get close enough to see if this was a real Gulf car or not.

 photo dsc08974_zps61ab22a3.jpg

For once the Police aren’t called for a burn out on Madeira Drive!

 photo dsc09013_zps53f637c4.jpg

I’m not even sure what this is? A trike?

 photo dsc08857_zpsec1b05f2.jpg

And another 60’s icon is prepared for another run.


Severn Valley Railway

A recent trip ‘up north’ gave me a chance to again practice my night photography skills. In the end the pictures I took after dark were better than the daylight ones, probably because I was concentrating more. I am having problems with my RAW files loosing quality when switching to jpg so that the pictures end up coming out darker and with odd colour casts in places. Not so bad for the black and white pictures but for the colour ones it is a bit disappointing. If I figure it out I might re-do this post.

 photo dsc00511_zps4d9247c2.jpg

This was taken as the evening diner train stopped to pick up a token.

 photo dsc00505_zps9345636c.jpg

The Driver looks for the right away before they depart Bewdley on the next leg of the 2hr round trip along the river Severn.

 photo dsc00434_zpsf8c30459.jpg

Earlier in the day the last service train awaits departure from Bridgenorth as the dusk falls.

 photo dsc00498_zps3b351592.jpg

This is one that has suffered in the transition to JPEG from ARW, which is a shame because it is a far clearer and nicer shot in ARW.

 photo dsc00360_zpsffd2abaf.jpg

Earlier in the day a service train pulls into a small station with the river Severn down and away to the left. After it leaves again the sound of it working hard can be clearly heard echoing along the valley for 5 to 10 mins.

 photo dsc00410_zps2e312b61.jpg

A down train drifts along with the gradient of the line being emphasised by the shortening effect of the longer lens.

Finally a train departs with steam roaring up into the cold night air illuminated by the platform lamps.

 photo 6cb73aef-6cbc-490f-9b5d-043ac582755d_zps48bf157c.jpg

Goodwood 2014 – Shelby Cup

The second update of photos from Goodwood. These are taken from Friday practice for the Shelby Cup. This race was for the Ford Falcon and derivatives to celebrate it’s win on the Monte Carlo Rally.

 photo dsc09317_zpsae63221a.jpg

 photo dsc09347_zpsd5bf1db2.jpg

Above is the regular (only at Goodwood could you use regular in this context) Falcon. This example is owned by Rowan Atkinson of Black Adder fame. He unfortunately connected with a stationary car during his race later in the weekend. It had spun in front of him and he had nowhere to go. The damage was not too heavy and I should imagine it will have been fixed by now.

 photo dsc09344_zps9f013919.jpg

Also involved was this, a Mercury Cyclone… and they wrote it down the side so I didn’t have to look up the number! It ultimately looks to be basically the same but with 4 eyes.

 photo dsc09350_zps20927333.jpg

Now this I did have to look up – the Dodge Dart of Grahame Bryant who shared the drive with Anthony Reid. Anthony seemingly had a drive in every race, very much in the spirit of the era. It is a shame that we don’t get the likes of Hamilton entering Tin Top races and the F1 calender usually clashes with events like Le Mans.

 photo dsc09384_zps4df2a99e.jpg

This is a car I had never heard of, a Studebaker Lark Daytona 500. It appears that later models used the Ford V8, not sure why this was out there for this race though.

 photo dsc09353_zps34ee2bfe.jpg

Finally of the variants is the Mustang, which is just a Falcon floor pan in fancy dress.

Some other pictures from the Qualifying session. While some seemed to be concentrating just on getting around others were hard on it right away.

 photo dsc09306_zps42a571e5.jpg

 photo dsc09296_zps06e04a2b.jpg

 photo dsc09268_zps6ddc5786.jpg

 photo dsc09303_zps3e44c17b.jpg

 photo dsc09318_zpsb8c28167.jpg

 photo dsc09289_zps61a7bfce.jpg

 photo dsc09401_zps3e86c6a1.jpg

 photo dsc09377_zps3e910d35.jpg

 photo dsc09351_zpsf386f440.jpg

 photo dsc09356_zps5df32464.jpg

And at the end of the session Neil Twyman brings Julian Balme’s car in.

 photo dsc09394_zpse4df0d2d.jpg


In mid October I visited the Bluebell Railway in Sussex. After problems with engine availability it is good to see they seem to be finding their feet again. With the extension open efforts are being focused on re-grouping.

 photo dsc00138_zpsa52d98b4.jpg

With the sun quite wintry and seemingly in the wrong place all weekend it lead to some interesting effects.

 photo dsc00151_zpsd1a3054a.jpg

It did give a very washed out effect to the sky however, I managed to get this as the fireman looked for the right away.

 photo dsc00172_zps59331c25.jpg

The first time I used a prime lens here means I finally had the shutter speed to capture atmosphere of the shed. I hope to try this out some more. Captain Baxter awaiting it’s next turn of duty.

 photo dsc00140_zpsfcbe9ec9.jpg

Training the next generation.

 photo dsc00185_zpsa7789ebf.jpg

 photo dsc00145_zpsbfdb89cd.jpg

 photo dsc00179_zps3b944670.jpg

Shoreham Airshow 2014

Bit late but finally I have uploaded pictures from the air show. I have erred in leaving it so long… I can’t remember what the pictures depict. Bruce Dickinson is in there somewhere as are lots WW2 veterans.

 photo dsc08365_zps2bcb1ba8.jpg

PR Spitfire. Fastest and the best, in my opinion, of the breed. No guns just a camera to save on wieght.

 photo dsc07902_zps39681dc1.jpg

Collection of Tiger Moths flying in pleasingly symmetrical formation.

 photo dsc08660_zps1e1186ff.jpg

Breitling wing walkers put on a great display as always. The only issue for the photographer being the smoke hanging in the air giving them a hazy look.

 photo dsc08667_zpse6ad389b.jpg

 photo dsc08379_zps4adb0deb.jpg

Douglas Skytrain takes off near the end of the show as part of the D-Day display. The invasion stripes contrast nicely with the dark green of the fuselage

 photo dsc08281_zps9e7eb67b.jpg

Spitfire Pilot focusing hard.

 photo dsc08733_zps7ef9e068.jpg

 photo dsc08121_zpsb1edb228.jpg

 photo dsc08636_zps8acfbdbe.jpg

 photo dsc08563_zpsef7d6e23.jpg

Ever present but always pleasing war birds. Great machines but sobering to think their original purpose was not for display.

 photo dsc07817_zps50761c02.jpg

 photo dsc08527_zpscdca7547.jpg

Goodwood Revival 2014

Having taken a lot of pictures on Friday at the revival I intend to put up an update for each class but for now I thought I would put up a few of my favorites from a first pass of those taken. My programme has been ‘borrowed’ so I will have to be light on detail for now.

Unlike last year (pictures here)  the weather was great so I got lots of interesting (to me at least) pictures. I forget each year that you just can’t get around in a day and so missed most of the infield this time around… next year!

 photo dsc09076_zpse402c4c4.jpg

I think one of the appeals of the event is that you can see the drivers working the cars. From a race engineers point of view the chassis flex of the car above is terrible but seeing the driver fight the short comings is the spectacle.

 photo dsc09668edit_zpsb70270b1.jpg

Alonso, I have found your issue. Get the team to paint your wheels blue… and maybe fit a flat 12 engine.

 photo dsc09736_zpsed2a3e16.jpg

The cars are used and sadly accidents happen but I would rather this than never hear the sound or see the site of these cars sliding through the kink.

 photo dsc09366_zps174ad4e7.jpg

Some drivers have so much spare capacity they are checking their mirror… coming into the 100mph Madgwick. Larger below;

 photo dsc09366-copy_zps8c79540a.jpg

 photo dsc09472_zps7a7bd3d6.jpg

 photo dsc09862_zps6b4a8601.jpg

 photo dsc09563_zpsb5bc34b9.jpg

And finally you go outside to a field which on an normal day would be the best car show in the world but on revival day is just a car park

 photo dsc00124_zpsf902237c.jpg

Plumpton Classic Car Show

No posts on here for a while. A wet Monday provides the perfect excuse… that and I should be wiring! On Sunday 24th August I went to a new car show in it’s second year organised by a ford100e.com member. Taking place in the grounds of Plumpton College attendance suffered because of the clash with wings ad wheels but some interesting cars turned up. I hope that they don’t get put off and run again next year but with a date that doesn’t clash with such a big event.

This car will feature throughout. I will say no more than that it’s the car I drew every time I had paper from age 5 to 15. Want!

 photo 3bbfb3bb-7273-445d-9759-25d2c9c82cc2_zpsd440be45.jpg

Fords were probably most heavily represented, but there was a wide mix;

 photo dsc07766_zps27351521.jpg

Mini’s were next in quantity. This rather nice monti replica caught my eye;

 photo dsc07750_zpsee4d3c31.jpg

 photo dsc07736_zps34ed55e1.jpg

 photo dsc07735_zps5de03a8d.jpg

 photo dsc07781_zpsfe6ca600.jpg

 photo dsc07752_zps79cf83b8.jpg

I hadn’t seen one of these in years. An Opel Manta. There was a rotten one around where I grew up but nothing like as clean as this one.

 photo dsc07765_zps32fb4743.jpg

And in with all these modern cars there was a genuine WW2 service vehicle. A doctors car from Yorkshire still with all it’s paperwork and a really nice car.

 photo dsc07762_zpsb3a5a375.jpg

And my trusty pop that got me there and scared life out of me by having total black out on way home.

 photo dsc07770_zpsd9ad43cf.jpg

 photo dsc07777_zpsbb121655.jpg

PGM Open Day 2014

On the 27th April Partridge Green Motorsport held its first annual open day where customers were invited to come along and show off their cars as well as having the opportunity to weigh them.

 photo dsc06847_zps7fbe77b5.jpg

Above: The first cars take their place in the queue to be weighed. There was a steady stream of cars throughout the day coming and going despite the weather.

 photo dsc06872_zps6d60ed31.jpg

Above: Line up of some of the cars which attended during the day.
Below: Some of the cars of the braver owners who turned up during a particularly heavy down pour.

 photo dsc06983_zps4c61bf27.jpg

As well as PGM’s own staff a number of suppliers to the Caterham market were also in attendance offering advice throughout the day.

 photo dsc06906-copy_zps815602d3.jpg

 photo dsc06903_zps5e6e0b39.jpg

Soft Bits For 7’s even got the power tools out with a bit of help from PGM’s Colin Jupp

 photo dsc06920_zps3bffc8a6.jpg

 photo dsc06922_zps9694f8d7.jpg

The main focus of the day was the weigh in where the drivers and cars were put on the scales to see who could get the lightest and best balanced car. Below Andy (the Boss) talks to a customer while Becky does the hard work of taking down all the numbers;

 photo dsc06861_zpsb9e9ea5d.jpg

Tea, coffee, and cake were supplied while people took the chance to catch up inside out of the rain;

 photo dsc06946_zpsf19bf105.jpg

Becky in discussion with a customer while, below, Andy checks on progress;

 photo dsc06909_zps6b91dbc5.jpg

 photo dsc06889_zpsca9ee816.jpg

Other cars attended as well and were also weighed in;

 photo dsc06988_zpsb4c02647.jpg

 photo dsc06995_zps869f83c7.jpg

Generally a good day was had with everyone pitching in and catching up with friends as well as exchanging ideas for the future

 photo dsc06933_zpsa821eb02.jpg

 photo dsc06942_zpsb0985387.jpg

 photo dsc06969_zpsd92a4a31.jpg

BTCC season opener at Brands 2014

A good first round was had by the BTCC grid at the beginning of April. The racing was a bit tentative to start with but soon got up to speed. Jason Plato was particularly impressive coming through the field in race 2. The Yuasa Honda’s seem to have gone from a quick car to a not so quick car as they were unable to catch Andrew Jordon in last years car.

 photo dsc05890_zpse3023073.jpg

 photo dsc06118_zps2f43d520.jpg

 photo dsc05917_zpsac906679.jpg

 photo dsc06222_zps5115ba3a.jpg

 photo dsc06032_zpsf3c342da.jpg

 photo dsc06193_zpse1b4f5d8.jpg

 photo small_zps08b0f719.jpg