Old Stone Age Pictures – Ashdown Forrest

Before my current SLR I had a film SLR that I have very reluctantly given up due to the poor print qualities of film commonly available now. I used to have a long commute that involved going over Ashdown Forrest. I would often take my camera and stop for a walk and to take pictures, some of which are below.

 photo _31_0415_zpsdfbd4fde.jpg

The view from the road as you burst out into the clearing left from the ’87 storm.

 photo _37_0421_zpsba99b75b.jpg

Lower down there are still plenty of trees to be found. As I walked to get this picture I came face to face with a deer about 10m away but so well camouflaged I didn’t see it till I was right on top of it. We watched each other for a bit but as I reached to bring up my camera the slight movement was enough for it to turn and run becoming invisible in an instant.

 photo __6_0316_zps489eb2f3.jpg

During this time there always seemed to be interesting light around. I miss the daily changes but not the 2hrs a day driving on challenging roads when you’ve been working late.

 photo _26_0410_zps44874060.jpg

 photo _33_0417_zpse7e316e7.jpg

 photo _23_0407_zpse5b304cf.jpg

 photo _24_0408_zpscb8d309e.jpg

The tree in the last 2 shots above stood on its own at the summit of my journey, dividing home from work. It was nearly always visible against the sky, even in the late dusk, for quite some distance.

 photo _28_0338_zpsd815ce8e.jpg

…and finally coming own the other side you are into Kent countryside.

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