War and Peace show 2012

This was the last year the show branded as the largest of it’s kind was hosted at the Hop Farm in Kent as from 2013 it moved home. Militaria from all over the world was represented from modern day through history but there was an undeniable WW2 bias. Probably the only place you can see Sgt Oddball (imdb – Kelly’s Heros) still charging around in a tank – not least because Donald Sutherland is far to sensible for that sort of thing now.

 photo dsc08121_zps642b0e9d.jpg

 photo dsc08169_zps19205999.jpg

 photo dsc08119_zps2fa43359.jpg

 photo dsc08181_zps09e48e62.jpg

 photo dsc08115_zps172b20f7.jpg

 photo dsc08226_zps7db13304.jpg

 photo dsc08175_zps10f82220.jpg

A great day not least because I resisted buying a Stolly that was for sale… no diffs, can’t use it on the road but can swim. Given the weather this week perhaps I should have bought it!


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